Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

As salam,

In one happy day, there were 2 friends met up and they got into interesting conversations!

Let's see what they are talk about. 

This also what I love about DiGi  about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans
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Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

As salam,

anyone like to cook?

wanna feel like a chef (or celebrity chef)?

like the cute Jamie Oliver
with recipes on your fingertips

 *why I put all Jamie Oliver pictures, is it because of his cuteness or his recipes?
may be both ..huhu

now, no need to wait for his cooking show on television 
Jamie Oliver will be appear in your cool iPhone screen.

with iPhone Apps for cooks of Jamie Oliver: 20 minutes meal is simply fulfilled our wish..

Features of Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals includes;

60 recipes with easy to follow steps ,stunning step-by-step photography for every recipe, once installed, no Internet connection required to view recipes and lot more interesting stuff that you can check here.

cool right?!

so, with this cool application ,  the restaurants may be close soon ....hehe

want to have a taste? :D
To explore  mooooooooooooore applications.
Feel free to visit here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

As salam

Dear DiGi,

can you see the part with red mark on my flip  handphone ;(
(of course , it is not cool to pick up the phone in the public..sob..sob)

It make me mouthwatering to see peoples use this cool gadget for updating facebook and twitter status....
..sob...sob ..(again)

another reasons why I need it?

because it is simply an


so, DiGi.....


Thursday, September 23, 2010

mengembala binatang

As salam

cam sengal jek mengembala , menternak hape

Mesti ramai yang suka bela haiwan kat rumah

Ada yang tak suka (cakap jelah kau  sebab dia bagi, bau, menegeluarkan najis , suka curi makanan dll. (alasan lah, padahal memang malas nak didik haiwan tuh)

biasanya, makhluk berbulu ni lah yang disukai (aku tak boleh kutuk, sebab ramai yang suka )

tengah pregnant masa nih.

 ni jugak salah satu masalah, dah lah si jantan buntingkan dia. 

 ditinggalkan pula si kucing sendirian menanggung perut yang membunting.

walaupun ada binatang yang disukai, kalau tengok akan memberi efek ketenangan tidak terperi kepada jiwa pemerhatinya.

tapi pastikan tak berlumut lah, baru boleh bagi efek tenang, kalo tak.. rasa macam nak terajang

disebabkan memerlukan kerajinan tidak terperi untuk membersih, bagi makan segala bagai, maka di rumah tetap tak bertahan lama ,(kalo dasar kurang rajin tu nak buat macam mana kan)

dan raya hari tuh, pergi ke suatu rumah yang tuannya rajin membela haiwan bernama ikan ni


ikan ni tengah sorok, takut tengok budak jakon amik gambar dia.

semestinya efek ketenangan serta kekaguman tu sampai di lubuk hati

akuarium dia sebahagian dari dinding dia,
kira macam frame gambar ikan kat laut hidup
(boleh skodeng siapa yang datang rumah )

segan-segan nak ambil gambar , tapi sempat lah mengambil video 1 minit huhu.

ini tengah servis, ikan banyak sorok sebab takut dengan budak jakon.

dengar-dengarnya servis , 2 kali seminggu, dan setiap kali servis dalam lebih RM100 bergantung kalau nak tambah coral ke ikan ke,

cukuplah haiwan belaan kat rumah aku nih, sampai tak larat nak jaga

Amaran : Ini bukan iklan racun perosak.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As salam

Cintakan bunga,

bunga kan layu

Cintakan harta,

 ia kan binasa

cintakan manusia,

manusia akan mati

cintakan Ilahi

 cinta yang kekal abadi 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

DBSB siri 8 : Anugerah Aidilfitri

As salam,

new ride

Almost every single person in this world has her/his own dream car....
and car is the thing that man love it,
which represents the style and passion of the owner.

not everyone is lucky to get his/her own dream car.
but yes, we should happy for others if they afford to own their new ride.

congrates to my bro, Mohammad Saad  for his new 'wife'.
Married at 26 years old.

Dia Bahagia, Saya Bahagia

Love Paradise

another love story, different one with ' Syurga Cinta' or ' Epilog Syurga Cinta'.

They were school mates at primary school and met again afters many years .
This is love`s heaven  at Bandar Dato ` Onn own by this lovely married couple.....

haha, sorry for 'accidentally' captured your wedding portrait.

I  like the lights.

Just Ignore the  over exciting cousin that ruin the image of this 
love paradise of Surya and Fitri.
Build at their  24.

Mereka bahagia, Saya Bahagia

fly higher

I told my mom,

I want to study until I die.

and my mom said, It`s up to you

we learn until we die by the way.

and my cousin, is such a lucky girl,
has an opportunity to further study for her master in Business at  University of Portsmouth , United Kingdom.

Nur Uyun flies higher at 21 years old.

Dia Bahagia, Saya Bahagia

So, that`s it , their gift from Allah
in  a holy month of Syawal.

( dear myself', when is your turn?)

Firman Allah yang bermaksud:

" Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya, kami akan tambahkan nikmat-nikmat Kami. Dan sebaliknya jika kamu kufur, azab Allah amat pedih." 
(Surah Ibrahim 14:7)

May Allah always bless us and not make us forget our Muslim`s families in Pakistan, Palestine and all over the world. 

we may be smile and laugh, but other peoples such family members of late Sosilawati Lawiya and other 3 peoples that were killed together with her in Ramadhan are sad.

Hidup ini sementara

Firman Allah, mafhumnya:
" Dan akhirat lebih baik dan kekal." (Surah al-A`la 87:17)

Sumber: Majalah Solusi. isu  22

Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you moist enough?

As salam

when talk about dry skin,

what is in your mind ?

oh, I hope not

Have you imagine that you are meeting your future mother in law

shaking hand with her

Do you really (-really) prepared for that moment?

I know, may be old folks or your friends told you that the woman with rough skin shows that she is hardworking on doing  cooking, gardening , washing laundry (by hands).


can you imagine when you are massaging your husband,


He says, " why you are using a sand paper instead of you hand?"

 Okay , it might be a hyperbola imagination..huhu...

Are you really hard working?

Do you?

In a real modern world

You are Lazy!

It is important to take care of your skin not only your hand or your face but the whole body, not just because to impressed your future husband or future mother in law
but it is more than that

Skin is the largest organ of our body

it has many functions such as protect body from pathogens, immune system, control evaporation and others.

So,please take care of it

how can you want a healthy body, but you are neglecting your skin!

If you have a dry skin (leaves a  line when you scratching it)

what you need to do is giving  nutrition for your skin.

where it can be found in

aloe Vera : the well known natural source for overcome wrinkles, burns, sunburns, acne and many more.

Soys : contain protein and high antioxidant which can maintain health of our skin.

Oats : this amazing natural source that use to soothe and heal the skin while reducing inflammation such as eczema (dry and itchy skin)

Cucumber : It is also the popular source in order to get supple  and soft skin because it cooling effects that can relaxing your skin.

Yogurt : it is not only yummy food but it lactic acid contained soothes, softens and tightens the skin and refines the pores. It also get rid of germs and other bacteria because it anti fungal and antibacterial properties.

To get moist and healthy skin

no such thing like

  1. Buying or planting an aloe Vera , yogurt ,cucumber or get a soy bean and oat  from the market
  2. Grind
  3. Take it extract
  4. Finally, rub  to whole body


what you can do is just  choose and buy any 4 variants of Vaseline`s new body lotion range.

Total Moisture ; with vitamin E, soy and oat, 
Intensive Rescue , glycerin as it ingredients to cure dry skin.
Aloe Cool and Fresh ; rich with aloe Vera and cucumber extract and  
Healthy White;  contain yogurt`s serum and vitamin B3 

Easy right?

No more too busy excuses


you are just too lazy.

Then, what you get  is compliment from your love ones

because what need to leave is just your smiles and moist skin.

Are you moist enough?

 Then just click here to join the Vaseline`s contest and celebrate your amazing skin. 
It is your chance to get glowing skin and also RM3000 cash prize and other interesting Prizes that you  must check it out here.

me with my big smile :D

md ::: I was just advising myself  (on lazy thingy :P)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

rAYA JANGAN tak raya

As salam

Selamat Hari Raya, budak-budak, bakal mak atau bapak budak, mak dan bapa budak

Saya ingin memohon maaf dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung jari kaki jempol kalau ada silap dan salah, harap kita sesama saling memaafi dan buang dendam dalam hati. 

entri laju-laju, sebab raya , nak melantak
yay, tahun ni masih dapat makan sate,
tetap menambah kolestrol ..lalala
ketupat pun lembik, lalu cepat basi

em, nak beritahu ni..........


kecohkan dia ni...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nafsu naik satu tingkat

As salam,

Bila sudah berumur 22, teringat 10 tahun dulu 

ketika umur masih 12. 

Ketika, sekolah masih emak hantar, ketika pakai tudung  nampak jambul, 

ketika stokin lain sebelah lain, 

ketika pakai kasut berkapur jenama Bata mahupun Pallas Jazz.

Tapi setelah bertahun berlalu melalui kasut berkapur berganti dengan kasut berkiwi, kemudian membalas dendam setelah itu dan memakai selipar jamban ke mana-mana.

mungkin bila bertemu balik dengan rakan-rakan ketika 10 tahun dahulu, mungkin gosip dan ejek-mengejek nama bapak dan nama atuk pada masa itu mungkin sudah tiada, masing-masing mungkin sudah semakin sopan dan pendiam, mungkin juga tak pandang kalau bertemu.

Amaran: tak elok main nama bapak-bapak..
Firman Allah S.W.T :
" Dan Janganlah kamu saling mencela satu sama lain, dan janganlah saling memanggil dengan gelaran yang buruk." 
(Surah al-Hujurat 49:11)

Tapi , apabila melihat ini

gosip rakan sekampong sampai bergegar-gegar gambar

dan ustazah Rabiatul Adawiyah atau nama timangan aku bagi, Peah (bukan gelaran yang buruk kan?) sibuk mengorek cerita sambil main-main ngan tomyam...( nice kan beg dia?)

 Aishah, cik kak baru balik jepun ni pelik apa yang penyek nye tah nasi ayam penyet nih..LOL

Kemangi Chicken Lemon...sedap tapi sebab tak pedas lalu rembat sambal nasi ayam penyet aishah....

Aishah tak sempat tayang gigi dan Peah memang posing ko gitu , keluar watson terus ada eyeliner kat mata ... budak dua ni kejakan mata aku...(ceh, padahal aku yang suruh guna tester tu :P)

terima kasih Peah sebab belanja , tapi aku dah letak duit kat plastik watson kau..haha

dan Aishah ...

walaupun aku tak dapat jumpa mamat-mamat mata sepet kat Jepun tapi, hati aku cukup gembira seperti jumpa seluruh pasukan bola sepak Jepun 

I love you too, Keisuke Honda...sila loya...haha

dan berjumpa kekasih lama, Kamenashi Kazuya...

Maka ,
hati pun menjadi senang hati, dan perut pun kenyang.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

rintihan si bunga

As salam

Aku  gebu dan bersih, disinari cahaya yang terik

tapi aku tidak mengerti kenapa aku dipetik

aku, kau hidu lalu ku geli dek rasa berbulu-bulu

aku , kau letak, di satu tempat bercetak

berdebu-debu, dan sungguh berbau

mereka memandangku, penuh nafsu

lalu diriku yang gebu, dikotori dengan warna kelabu

sungguh kau sungguh kejam , membiarkan aku seperti rasa direjam

adakah aku , kan  kau  biarkan hingga mata ku terpejam?

kau bernama manusia...

sungguh kau kurang kerja

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nafsu bertingkat-tingkat, berlapis-lapis

As salam,

Menjelang hari raya ,

Aidilfitri mulia

menyambut Syawal tiba...

maka nafsu pun semakin teruja....

Episod nafsu Perut tingkat satu

huhu okay,
bila puasa menjadilah dia punya nak macam-macam,
sehinggakan nampak roti kering pun nafsu mcam ape , apetah lagi tengok ayam bergolek

begitulah yang terjadi, apabila meilhat ikan mentah kat supermarket pun rase berselera
lebih-lebih lagi, bila isi ikan tu oren macam betik,

disebabkan tak pernah makan ikan Salmon sebab hanya makan ikan dahan mahupun ikan kembung masak asam pedas, jadi nafsu nak jadi minah Salleh mahupun minah Nippon paint, muncul

Lepas beli, tak tau nak masak ape, haha..takkan nak masak asam pedas lagi kot, masak lemak?.. (ceh, gaya macam lah aku yang masak)

Selalu, orang makan mentah, takpun bakar ngan smoke je...

Okaylah kita bakar jelah...

sekali aku tengok kat dapur, lah mak aku last2 goreng ....


Iwak Salmon goreng dengan ubi kentang  Fried Salmon with french fries

haha, kalau dah dasar Jawa tu

makan jugak ngan nasi , kicap dan yang penting TEMPE masak lemak

Episod nafsu perut tingkat dua

Di tepi Laut Pontian, gerai kecil Hamid Murtabak, menjadi idaman perut orang ramai
nak tunggu tu punyalah berjanggut ,
kalau pergi, mesti dia kata dah habis
sebab nak beli kena tempah
kalau tempah pun, kene tunggu jugak

Bila dah dapat tuh, bawak balik, mestilah teruja potong elok-elok....sebab nak melantak masa buka nanti

" Eh, kenape keluarkan?!,kan untuk abang balik nanti." kata emak


Nafsu beli belah  berlapis-lapis

Bagus tak kalau ada koleksi dan almariri tudung macam kat kedai Jakel

Inilah koleksi tudung saya.

nampak gilalah ko tipu. Ni kat Ariani, JB. 

Rasa cam baguskah, bergambar dihadapan koleksi tudung berharga ratusan ringgit?


dah cam lengkong dah kaler tudung ni

paling suka yang nih

kau apesal buat muka naif ?

teringat zaman Kelas Agama Fardhu Ain

 yer, muka tua

Sila sediakan baldi berkapasiti 5 liter untuk membaca ayat selepas ini.

Ekin & Wardina Safiyah tergugat tak kau rasa.

Seperti biasa, pulang, dengan membawa beg Kertas Ariani Platinum berisi tudung tapi bukan kepunyaan diri sendiri.

  Jurujual kat Ariani tu salam aku, cium tangan!.
Ya, Saya Redha

md:::ada hikmahnya pokai ni, tak de lah membazir beli-belah tak hingat mati. Pujuk hati.haha